The Ultimate Guide To Newborn Baby Clothes

The Ultimate Guide To Newborn Baby Clothes

If this is your first baby, trying to understand newborn baby clothes might feel overwhelming. Although the size of your bump and genetics can indicate how big your newborn baby will be, we can’t know for certain until they arrive. The mystery of your little one is both exciting and frustrating. However, when you’re trying to organize essential baby items, such as their wardrobe, you might feel lost.  

In this blog post, we’re sharing everything you need to know about newborn baby clothes, so you can put together a functional wardrobe before your baby arrives. 

How many newborn baby clothes do I need? 

When it comes to preparing for our new baby, many of us tend to go overboard. We’ll spend too much money and too much time shopping for things we (and our baby) don’t really need! Remember, as long as you have the essentials, you can purchase anything extra once your baby arrives. A standard newborn wardrobe should resemble something similar to this: 


Item  Number 
Onesie  7 
Pants  7 
Sweaters or Sweatshirts  4 
Hats  2 
Bibs  10 
Nice occasion outfit  2 
Sleepwear  7 
Sleeping bag (optional)  2 
Coat  1 
Socks (pairs)   

How to save money on newborn baby clothes 

Buying a whole wardrobe of newborn clothes that your baby will soon grow out of isn’t an ideal situation. Instead of purchasing brand new items, shopping second-hand or using hand-me-downs can save you money. If you have children already and still have their newborn clothes, wash and reuse these. Alternatively, if someone else in your life has had a baby who has outgrown the newborn stage, ask them if you’re able to borrow their newborn clothing.   

Newborn baby clothes sizing  

Baby sizing might appear complicated, but it’s relatively simple once you’ve familiarized yourself with the size guide. Newborn clothing generally fits babies around four to eight pounds and seventeen to nineteen inches. Different clothing manufacturers sizing will vary slightly, so be prepared for a onesie to fit perfectly from one brand and be a little loose in another! 

Some newborns will fit into a newborn size, while others will already be big enough to fit into 3 months. Once your baby arrives, you’ll be able to tell which size fits them best another reason why it’s great to borrow your newborn clothes; you don’t know if you’ll actually need them! 

Newborn baby clothes criteria 

All baby clothes should be warm and comfortable. When packing your hospital bag, consider what the weather will be like when you bring your baby home. If it’s winter, you’ll want to include extra layers and a waterproof coat. Whereas, if it’s summer, your baby should be fine with a soft cotton onesie. 

 Don’t spend hours agonizing over your baby’s wardrobe. Picking out outfits and organizing their belongings should be an exciting, not stress-inducing experience. As long as you have the essentials, you don’t need to worry! Instead, enjoy picking out a few adorable pieces and daydreaming about how cute your baby will look on their journey home. guide-to-newborn-baby-clothes/