The Newborn Stage: What Is It? And When Does It End?

newborn stage

At New Baby N You, we focus on providing you with help, guidance, and education in the newborn stage. The newborn period can be a daunting prospect, with questions surrounding how long it lasts, what to expect, and if it’s the hardest part of parenting. 


Our online lessons give you practical tools for navigating the newborn period. But today, we’re going back to basics. We’re explaining what exactly the newborn stage is and how long it lasts.

What is the newborn period?

The newborn stage begins after giving birth and ends two to three months later. Most medical professionals will refer to the newborn period as the first twenty-eight days of your baby’s life.  

What to expect during the newborn stage

During this period, your baby will be mostly inactive; they’ll sleep throughout the day, waking for feeding. You may notice your newborn beginning to move their head from side to side towards the end of the twenty-eight days.

Experiencing the newborn stage as a new parent

Although not much will change regarding your baby’s activity, you will notice differences in your life. First-time parents can find the newborn period stressful. You’re constantly worried if you’re doing things right. And your baby’s inactivity might further your anxieties surrounding their wellbeing. 


Many parents experience postnatal depression. The newborn period can put stress on relationships. And some parents mightily find themselves constantly asking, “when is the newborn stage over?!” Although the newborn period can be blissful and joyous, it’s okay if you’re struggling during the first few weeks of your baby’s life. 


If you’re an expecting parent, we advise you to study the NBNY modules before your baby arrives so you feel better prepared for the newborn stage.

How long does the newborn stage last? 

The newborn stage is when your new baby adapts to the outside world. It can take some time for them to adjust to real life after spending so long snuggled up in your womb. 


After 28 days of the newborn stage, your baby is considered out of the newborn stage and is now an infant.  

Is the newborn stage the hardest?

Those questioning when the newborn period ends might be finding this unfamiliar time difficult. However, that’s not to say it’s the same for every new parent. As with all elements of baby care, the newborn period is unique. Some might love the newborn stage and dislike the months following, and another parent might feel the opposite. 


Don’t enter the post-birth period believing you’ll dislike it, as this won’t serve you, your baby, or your family. Approach the newborn period with an open mind. New parents can struggle caring for their newborns because it’s something they’ve never had to do before. Caring for the life you love most in this world when you don’t know how to can feel immensely overwhelming. Education can stop you from feeling out of your depth, giving you confidence and the necessary tools for newborn care. Soon you’ll stop fretting over feeding time and enjoy the quality time you get with your baby.

Help during the newborn stage

Alongside education for qualified baby care professionals, you can seek emotional and physical support from those around you. In addition to caring for your new baby, you have to navigate sleep loss, recovery, and new responsibilities. The newborn stage is a lot to handle.


Remember to voice how you’re feeling and ask others for help. Speak to your family about what you’re finding difficult and see if they can assist you. Be honest with your partner about the experience for you and discuss how they’re feeling too—communication is essential for maintaining healthy relationships after birth.


If you suspect your issues are deeper than post-birth blues or the tribulations of mastering new skills, reach out to a medical professional. Postpartum depression affects one in seven Americans after giving birth. By speaking to an expert in this area, you can receive a diagnosis, enabling you to treat your condition and continue serving your newborn and family. 


You’re not alone in these struggles, and many women will experience the same feelings. See if you can join parent support groups in the local area. Having relationships with people experiencing the same stage of babyhood can make you feel less alone. 


The newborn period is a unique and beautiful stage of your baby’s life. It’s a time for you to get to know your little one, and it’s the beginning of your parenting journey. 


At times, the newborn stage can be difficult. You might find yourself asking, “when does the newborn period end?!” To best prepare for your baby’s first weeks Earth-side, educate yourself on newborn care, discuss your feelings with those around you, and seek support from the community. We promise the newborn period will feel like it’s over in a flash, and you’ll soon have a bouncing, giggling infant to care for!