Best Breastfeeding Positions- Tips for Breastfeeding to New Mothers

breastfeeding tips for new mothers

Is there any specific breastfeeding position to feed a newborn baby? A question raised by a new mother. Being a mother, we understand that you’re concerned about your baby and their comfort while feeding them. But there is no wrong or right way to feed the newborn. Rather, it’s all about the baby and your comfort. 

However, some mothers still look for different newborn breastfeeding videos about techniques and positions to feed their baby. With that in mind, we here discuss about 8 best breastfeeding positions. Before that, let’s have a look at the benefits of breastfeeding. 

Breastfeeding Benefits to Baby and Mother 

Breastfeeding can be highly beneficial for babies and mothers. Mother milk acts as a complete nutrition diet for the newborn baby, and it helps to build immunity. In addition to this, feeding the newborn can offer several benefits, such as: 

  • Breastfeeding helps to supply all the vital nutrients required to build immunity in newborn
  • The first mother milk given to the baby contains essential antibodies that protect the newborn from sickness, allergies, and other diseases.
  • Breastfeeding protects mothers from Type 2 diabetes and many other diseases.
  • It improves the digestion of babies and keeps them healthy. 

Different Breastfeeding Positions to Feed Your Newborn

Here are some of the best breastfeeding positions you can try to feed your baby. Let’s take a deep dive. 

Reclined Position Breastfeeding Position 

This position is also called biological nurturing. In this position, the newborn baby is laid on the tummy or the chest after the delivery. As soon as you lay down your baby on the chest, the baby immediately starts feeding on the breast. This feeding position is also called a breast crawl.

During breastfeeding, mother and also baby are in skin-to-skin contact, which helps build an emotional connection. It is best for newborn babies and mothers right after birth. Moreover, the reclined position is best for the new mothers. It helps them to lie comfortably and feed their baby.

Side-Lying Breastfeeding Position 

The side-lying position is ideal for feeding your baby during nighttime. It is best for those mothers who’ve had stitches and cesarean delivery. This would be a belly-to-belly touch with the baby and is more comfortable than feeding your baby in a sitting position. 

Many women face difficulty in sitting after cesarean delivery. She needs some rest and a comfortable position to breastfeed her babies. Therefore, this breastfeeding position can be ideal for relaxing and feeding their babies. 

Upright Breastfeeding Position 

It is one of the convenient ways to breastfeed babies. In this position, mothers can hold their babies by straddling their thighs. Be sure the head and spine are in an upright position. Besides this, the position gives complete support to the baby and mother. The koala hold position is best for babies with an ear infection, tongue tie, and lost muscle. 

Cradle Hold Breastfeeding Position 

It’s a classic breastfeeding position where the mother sits upright and holds the baby in her lap. The neck of the baby is supported by the forearm of the mother, and also, her body is against the stomach of the baby. The position is very comfortable for the mother and baby. The mother can also keep a pillow behind her back for added comfort. 

Moreover, she can keep a pillow on her lap and place her baby on the pillow so that the baby can easily reach the breast and feed comfortably. The breast of the mother is in the natural resting state, which is helpful to feed comfortably and avoid the condition of sore nipples. 

Cross Cradle Hold Breastfeeding Position 

This breastfeeding position is very much similar to the cradle hold. However, you need to switch your arms and roll them down to hold your babies in this position. Ensure that your baby lies on the opposite forearm to support the neck region of the baby. 

It is best for newborn babies and small babies with latching issues. In this position, the baby is completely supported in the opposite arms of the mother. Moreover, the mother has complete control over the position, and you’re free to hold your babies in any shape.

Laid Back Breastfeeding Position 

This breastfeeding position is ideal for mothers who had a cesarean delivery. The mother can be laid back in the reclining position with the baby across the shoulder. This way, you can easily nurse your baby comfortably without feeling pressure on the body. 

Rugby Ball Hold

The position is best suited for newborn babies and mothers. In this nursing position, women can sit on the chair and tuck their arms alongside the baby’s body. Women can also keep a pillow behind their back on the chair for better support. It gives complete control over the baby’s feeding position. 

Moreover, the position is best suited for the women who give birth to the baby through C-section. Also, the mother having a premature baby and twins can prefer to have this position for nursing their babies. Click here to learn more about the best breastfeeding positions in detail

Sitting Breastfeeding Position 

Sitting breastfeeding positions is best for toddlers who can crawl and sit easily. The position is comfortable for the babies and mothers who feed their babies after six months. If your babies cannot reach the breast, you can place them in your lap in a sitting position and breastfeed them. 

Bottom Line 

In a nutshell, breastfeeding is excellent for nourishing newborn babies. However, the new mother struggles to feed their babies because of intense pain and discomfort after the delivery. So, in that case, she can choose any of these breastfeeding positions to feed their babies comfortably. 

But the women who give birth to their babies through C-section instead of normal deliveries can follow a laid position and reclined position to feed their babies. At the same time, you are free to choose your feeding position to nurse your baby comfortably. If you follow any other breastfeeding formula, mention it below in the comment section.