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Breastfeeding Positions for Newborn


Breastfeeding positioning and attachment is the most important thing for successful breastfeeding. Attachment is also sometimes known as latching on. When your baby is well-positioned and attached, they will find it easier to feed well and you will find it more comfortable. Position your baby at your side, facing you, with the baby’s legs are tucked under your arm on the same side as the breast you’re nursing from. Support your baby’s head with the same hand, and use your other hand to cup your breast as you would for the cradle to hold.

There are different types of Breastfeeding positions:-


1 Support the baby with the arm that is on the same side as the breast from which the baby is nursing.

2 Keep the baby’s head in line with the rest of the body to avoid straining the neck.

3 Hold the baby flush against your stomach, with their back and neck aligned.

4 Reach across the baby’s back and support their head with your hand, allowing their bottom to rest in the crook of your arm.

5 Side-lying is an ideal breastfeeding position for women recovering from surgery, and for exhausted women feeding at night. Women who co-sleep with the baby tend to use this position.

6 Always bring your baby to your breast; do not lean your breast into your baby.

7 Your baby’s mouth should be close to your nipple. The hand on your topside supports your lower breast and guides it into your infant’s mouth as you roll toward your rooting baby. After The baby has latched on use this arm to cuddle and bring your baby closer to you.

8 Breastmilk is the best source of nutrition for infants, including infants whose mothers have confirmed or suspected coronavirus infection.

Some Most Useful Best Breastfeeding Positions


1. Cradle Hold:- The cradle hold is the way most people hold babies and the one that most lactation consultants will suggest as a newborn breastfeeding position. One of the great things about the cradle hold is that you can use it whether you’re standing, sitting, or lying down.

 2. Cross-Cradle Hold:- This position is similar to the cradle hold. The only difference is that you support your baby’s head and back with the arm on the opposite side of the breast you’re nursing on. 

3. Football Hold:- The football hold is an upright breastfeeding position where a pillow on your lap supports the baby’s head and back. Position the baby so the top of their head faces away from you and their feet stretch toward your back.

4. Side-lying Position:- In this position, you lie on your side with your baby parallel to you, heads facing the same direction. Make sure to support your head and back so you stay comfortable while the baby is nursing. Just be careful not to fall asleep and accidentally block your baby’s airway with your breast. 

5. Dangle Feeding:- If you’re experiencing a blocked or plugged milk duct, then this breastfeeding position might be the best solution for you The dangle feeding position allows you to place your baby flat on your lap, dangling your breast over them to nurse.