Why Is Burping Your Baby So Crucial?

Why Is Burping Your Baby So Crucial

New parents learn various skills every day that help keep their newborns safe. They see unique moments in a baby, so they are eager to learn multiple things, such as burping our baby. It depends on the baby and how many times they need burping. It is also effective in learning how to get rid of newborn hiccups.

When a baby is taking breastfeed or bottle milk, there is a need to burp. The frequency of burping is always different in all babies. There is always gas in a baby’s gastrointestinal system. Burping helps in releasing gas frequently. When an infant learns to release gas with the help of burping, it helps the baby sleep for a longer time. Sound sleep is necessary for the mental and physical health of a baby. Parents also feel relaxed when the baby is sleeping and happy.

Why does Infant Need to Burp?

Many times, newborn feels uncomfortable because gas bubbles are stuck in their stomach. When there are regular episodes of hiccups, it feels irritated. 

Here we discuss the reason need to burping a baby.

Allergic Reaction

When we give breastfeeding to our baby, there are various chances of allergy reactions. A newborn is intolerant to most foods that cause gas. The primary reason for intolerance is dairy. Burping your baby helps to release gas, so the baby feels comfortable.


There is a natural release of gas in the large intestine. The breakdown of certain foods causes by bacteria. The food the baby feeds and the milk the mother passes on to the baby are both included in this category. When a baby does not properly digest food, it also feels discomfort. Burping helps the baby to absorb milk or food quickly.

NewBorn Diet

There is also an effect of a mother’s diet on a baby. When a baby feels discomfort, it relates to diet. Study shows that dairy products are a primary cause of gas in babies. When a mother eats vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels, and many more causes gas in the baby. The digestion system of a baby is separate from others. Big burp helps to digest diet easily and reduces the chances of gas in babies. 

Newborn Hiccups

Many parents are also worried about regular infant hiccups. They always want to know how to get rid of newborn hiccups. Burping your baby is the best way to reduce the chances of hiccups in infants. We know that gas is also a cause of infant hiccups. It helps in releasing gas in babies.

Bottle Nipples

There are multiple varieties of flows in bottle nipples. We classified by age, such as newborn, preemie,3- 6 months, and many more. It is crucial to select nipples for bottles according to age. When we choose, advanced nipples, milk flow is fast. A lot of air passes to a baby in this process. Burping can easily remove air from the stomach of a baby. If there is any feeding concern, you can take expert advice.

Best Positions for Burping Your Baby

Breastfeeding or bottle-feeding babies regularly swallow air, which makes their tummies hurt. It makes them fussy. You can reduce it by burping your baby after each feed. It minimizes the chances of painful gas. At “New Baby N You,” we suggest burping your baby during breaks in feeding or eating. There is also a need to burp during switching breasts. It is necessary to use the right position at the time of burping your baby. When we use it the wrong way, there is no effect on a newborn. 

Here we discuss the popular position for burping.

Hold Baby Upright

There is a need to hold the baby upright with the head on your shoulders. It is necessary to give support to the baby’s head and back. You can also pat them back with your other hand.

Baby on Your Lap

There is a need to provide support for your baby’s chest and head. Cradling the chin of your little one in the palm of your hand, while resting your heel on their chest. There is a necessity to be careful while gripping the baby’s chin. You can also pat the baby’s back with another hand. It becomes easy when a baby is in your lap.

Baby Face-Down on Your Lap

In this position, there is a need to lay your infant face down on your lap. There is a need to support the baby’s head. It is also higher than their chest and needs to be rubbed on the back of the baby.

Change Position 

When you feel the baby doesn’t burp, there is a need to change positions. It helps in burping. We can also try to burp before feeding the baby. It is necessary to an upright position for a minimum of 10 minutes after feeding. This process helps in reducing the chances of spitting up.

Wrap Up

Infant hiccups, burps, passing gas, or spit-up are regular activities in your newborn. These are interrelated with each other. There is a need to worry unless vomiting a large amount. It is necessary to take advice from your doctor. Burping your baby needs the full attention of your parents or caretaker. You can also take suggestions from experts such as Nurse Elena Thénard RN. She has experienced many years. She also provides training to new parents in a modern way. Parents can easily take care of the baby and feel happiness.