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To produce videos showing detailed techniques on baby care and baby safety. To deliver narrated facts along with engaging stories to help explain why things are and how it happens. With the intent to empower parents with a clearer understanding and confidence of baby care.

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About Nurse Elena Thénard RN, Author, Educator, Multiple Award-Winning Nurse

Nurse Elena supported herself through nursing college by teaching 4-15 years old kids how to play the accordion. Her approach focused on instilling confidence and helping her students find enjoyment from playing their instrument. Through this she found her passion for teaching others. She empowered her students to compete in the annual Western National Accordion Championships. Over her tutoring career she over 85% of her kids came out as champions or placed on top the podium.

Nurse Elena began her career assisting war veterans at the Veterans Administration Hospital in California. After 2 years she moved to a teaching hospital, Harbor General UCLA. At Harbor General UCLA, she specialized in infant care across various departments including baby ICU, level 2&3 nursery ward, and level 2&3 maternity ward. The broad experiences at Harbor General UCLA helped to train her to be highly proficient in all aspects of newborn care, from regular healthy babies to handling life threatening situations. 

At Harbor General, UCLA, she worked with some of the hardest cases involving “drug babies” in which the newborns suffer withdrawal symptoms from harsh drugs or alcohol that the mother took while pregnant. These cases were tough for her since those drug babies were sent to foster homes and were not able to be returned to the mother, due to the mother’s drug abuse. 

During her time at Harbor General, UCLA, she reignited her passion for teaching, by teaching intern doctors, nursing students, and new co-workers about baby care. Her efforts were quickly acknowledged and rewarded with many commendations for her informative teaching and nursing style. Nurse Elena co-authored the book “Pain in Children” that focused on how infants experience and express pain. After nine years at UCLA, she took time off to have two of her own children. 

Nurse Elena returned to work as a registered nurse after 7 years off at home raising her children.

Currently she is the Charge Nurse of the nursery and continues to teach doctors, new nursery nurses, students, and new mothers on baby care techniques. Nurse Elena earned herself the nickname “The Baby Whisperer” due to her understanding of baby behavior and her calming techniques for babies and parents alike.

Her unparalleled understanding of the “Baby Language” caught many parents’ attention. Many parents ask if she would do private duty nursing to help them during the first few days or to teach them how to care for their new baby. After countless requests and deliberation, she started producing instructional videos on baby care for new parents. 

So, New Baby N You was created so anyone can have Nurse Elena to help them start to understand their baby’s language. By listening to your baby’s babble, she will help guide new parents through the daunting days and the stressful weeks ahead.