Breastfeeding Tips for First Time Mothers

breastfeeding tips and training for first time mothers

Breastfeeding is a heart-melting moment for first mothers. Feeding your newly born babies is a whole new experience in a woman’s life. It gives a bundle of joy and emotional flood. No one can explain the feeling of nurturing your newborn, holding it in your hands, and nourishing them.

However, first-time mothers still have numerous questions about breastfeeding. For example, what is the ideal breastfeeding position? Is it good to breastfeed a baby just after birth? How to know if the baby is full? 

We understand that first-time mothers have feeding concerns. They are nervous and don’t know how to do it incorrectly. With all your feeding concerns in mind, we provide you with a complete guide about breastfeeding and how to do it incorrectly.

Stay tuned and read the blog to answer all your concerns about breastfeeding.

About Breastfeeding 

According to WHO and UNICEF, breastfeeding is crucial during the initial hours after birth. This is because the first milk given to the newborn provides them passive immunity to fight diseases. In addition, mother milk supplies the antibody IgA, which helps fight against various diseases.

Breastfeeding is crucial for the first hour and is recommended to nourish your newborn only with breastfeeding till six months and more. This helps to promote cognitive development and fulfill the nourishment requirement of the baby.

However, when it comes to breastfeeding, women have many questions, especially first-time mothers. They need to know about the accurate way of breastfeeding. So let’s read the complete details here.

Tips For Breasting Feeding 

Here are a few helpful tips that ease down your feeding concerns. 

  1. Know About Baby’s Desires 

Don’t wait for long to feed your newborn baby unless they cry. You can understand their desires by checking on these signs. The baby may need to be fed when they do these things: 

  • Continuously turning their head 
  • Open and close mouth frequently
  • Sticking their tongue 
  • Start sucking on whatever they find close to them. 

If you see these kinds of signs and movements, start breastfeeding your baby right away. They will immediately start feeding without any effort. The touch and instant reaction help build a bond between a mother and a Newborn.

  1. Babies Know Better When You Get Feed 

We understand that you have a feeding concern. But as a mother, you should know that your babies know better when they need to get nursed. There is no need to overfeed them after regular intervals because they think they are hungry. Stop disturbing them just because three and half hours passed away; they didn’t take feed. 

Do not panic and let your toddler determine when they feel hungry and what time is best for feeding. The newly born understand what they need to have a feed. 

Breastfeeding sometimes only lasts for twenty minutes and may even stretch to thirty minutes. And it’s perfectly fine because some babies are fast feeders while some are slow. So let them understand about nursing time and then feed them.

  1. Stay Relaxed While Breastfeeding 

Breastfeeding is not something that happens with blinking eyes. Bear in mind that breastfeeding may take longer, and you have to sit for hours even to nourish your newborn. Don’t get overwhelmed, and keep yourself calm. Try to maintain a comfortable breastfeeding position.

An uncomfortable feeding position can cause neck and back pain. To top of this, constant squirming and uncontrolled movements may disturb your baby while breastfeeding. 

As a result, babies feel annoyed and irritated. An uncomfortable position also affects your body. So, do ensure to choose the right position for breastfeeding

Ideally, two positions are considered the best for nursing your newborn. 

  • Lie on the bed comfortably and keep the babyface in front of you.
  • Sit comfortably in a reclining position and keep your babies lying in their arms. 
  • If you are on a large couch, use pillows to get proper support. You can keep pillows in your back and below the baby. 

These are some of the best positions to feed your baby comfortably. However, it also depends on you in which pose you are comfortable feeding your baby. 

  1. Let Your Newborn Find Perfect Position to Feed

Mother always has a feeding concern and position concern. But do you know, babies can self-determine their positions? Yes, that’s true! Newborn babies always pay attention while feeding and choose the best position to feed themselves. 


Remember that all babies are unique on their own, and so do their needs. However, here are some general tips that you can use to get the best feeding position that works for your toddler and you.

  • Always ensure that babies face is at the same level as the nipples
  • To ensure they don’t have to move their head to breastfeed 
  • Keep the baby’s head tilted in the backward direction 
  • Keep the chin of the baby in the vertical direction against the breast so that they do not feel suffocated. 

These are some of the best positions for breastfeeding. However, don’t force yourself to feed your baby. Let them be comfortable the way they want to get fed. Whatever the position is, keep yourself calm and relaxed.

  1. Leaking is Normal 

Some women panic when their breasts start leaking. However, women don’t need to panic because leaking is natural during the initial weeks of breastfeeding. This is normal, and it happens when you don’t nurse your baby for several hours. 

This condition will pass away as soon as your babies feed properly. Meanwhile, you can use nursing pads and inter them into the bra. It absorbs the leaking milk. 

  1. Breast Care is Essential 

Keep in mind breastfeeding can lead to infection in your babies if you don’t care properly. So, when breastfeeding, do ensure to clean your breast after every feed with a soft cotton cloth. 

  • Avoid frequent washing of the breast. 
  • After breastfeeding, if possible, then apply moisturizer or serum. 
  • Use nursing balm to prevent nipples dryness
  • Stay hydrated 

Bottom Line 

In a nutshell, breastfeeding is a whole new experience for the first-time mother. The tips will help to feed your toddler in the right way. But do ensure to feed them properly and stay relaxed. Keep yourself nourished and hydrated when you are feeding your babies. Remember that they consume what you eat. So, while breastfeeding, try to eat healthy so that you can nourish your young one properly.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. For how long can I feed my baby? 

A. You can feed your baby for at least six months. However, if you want to continue, it will last a long time until one year. In between, after six months, shift them to healthy eating habits. 

Q. Is it necessary to wear a nursing bra while breastfeeding? 

A. Not necessary; you can avoid wearing a nursing bra if you are comfortable with leaking. Otherwise, you can wear it to avoid leaking conditions. 

Q. What is the right time to feed the baby? 

A. There is no perfect time because every baby has its own feeding needs. So, you can consider signs to know if they are hungry and then feed them accordingly.