Do I Need A Baby Nursery? 

Most people assume that having a baby means you’ll be creating a nursery for your newborn. 

However, some modern parents are ditching the nursery and spending their money elsewhere. In 2022, having a designated space for your baby might not be as essential as you initially thought. We’re sharing the pros and cons of a baby nursery, so you can decide the best choice for your family and lifestyle. 

What is a baby nursery? 

A baby nursery is a room in your home dedicated to your little one. It’s a space for them to sleep, play, and explore their surroundings. Due to your baby being so little, and your home requiring baby proofing, most nurseries are the smallest room in the home. 

What’s in a baby nursery? 

Your baby nursery contains furniture such as a crib, a wardrobe or set of draws, and a baby changing station. Alongside these practical items, you’ll have toys, books, clothes, and soft furnishings. 


The baby nursery is your child’s personal space and will develop with them. Many baby nurseries become kids’ bedrooms and teenager hideouts (but you’re a while off that yet!) It’s a safe space for your child to enjoy and discover themselves.  


Ultimately, it’s up to you how you set up your newborn’s room. You might decide to create a bedroom with a crib, wardrobe, bookshelves, and draws. Or, you might decide to set up the nursery as a play space while your little one sleeps in your room. How you organize a nursery room is personal preference and not set in stone. You can change and develop this space as your newborn ages and changes.  

Pros of having a baby nursery 

There are multiple pros to having a baby nursery, many of which make it the norm for most expecting parents.  


  • Setting up a baby nursery means you have a designated space for all your newborn’s belongings. Your baby will require a lot of stuff. And having all their clothes, toys, toiletries, and more in one space makes them easy to find and declutters your home.  


  • Preparing a newborn nursery is also great fun. It’s a time for you and your other half to imagine your future together and build something reflective of your new chapter and the beautiful baby you’re bringing into the world. Plus, if you’re an interiors lover, you won’t be able to help coo over the pastel hues and cute decor.  


  • It gives your baby a space that’s theirs. We all like our personal space. And although your baby won’t be calling out for some alone time with a good book, they will appreciate and develop a connection to the space you’ve lovingly created for them.  

Cons of having a baby nursery  

Many new parents find their baby’s nursery underutilized and unfavoured. Guardians who spend time with their baby in communal spaces such as the living room might not see the need for a baby nursery. Plus, your newborns’ first few weeks are pretty uneventful, meaning their nursery will likely be nothing but a showroom for the foreseeable. We’re sharing a few points that might halt your newborn room preparations. 


  • The early days are full of sleeping, pooping and crying. You likely have the image of your little one crawling around a pale yellow room surrounded by cuddly toys and blankets. But, the reality is that your newborn won’t be an active bundle of joy yet. You might want to pause the nursery plans until your baby develops their personality and sense of curiosity. 


  • Preparing a room for a newborn baby isn’t cheap. You’ve got to consider the cost of the essentials (cot, clothes, diapers, formula, baby monitor) in addition to pieces for their room (wardrobe, draws, toys, soft furnishings). Some parents decide they’d rather stick with the necessities and dedicate the money they’d spend on the nursery to a college fund or savings account. 


  • Many new parents choose to co-sleep or have their newborn rest in their bedroom. Having their crib in your room can make the nursery feel redundant. Consider how much time you’ll get out of a dedicated baby room and whether it’s worth the time, money, and energy to prepare. 

Should I have a baby nursery for my newborn? 

It’s your choice whether you create a baby nursery for your newborn. You might decide to wait until your baby is older to give them their own bedroom. Or, you might already be picking our paint swatches for their walls! As with all elements of parenting, it’s up to you to make the final call. And while you decide, the NBNY community will be by your side to give you guidance and advice.