How to Stop NewBorn Baby Hiccups after Feeding


Newborn babies and hiccups are very common. According to the pediatrician, hiccups are very common as they signify growth. But sometimes, it becomes a serious cause of concern. It bothers parents and newborn babies when they constantly get hiccups. 

This is why many new parents ask “how to stop newborn baby hiccups.” The questions are obvious because no one wants to see the newborn in trouble. However, it may cause breathing difficulty to the babies. 

To calm down the adrenaline of parents, we here explain why babies get hiccups and how to get rid of newborn baby hiccups. So let’s read below and find the solution to the hiccups problem.

Why Do Newborn Babies Get Hiccups? 


Babies get hiccups when their diaphragm contracts too often. It may happen to the babies due to frequent closing and opening of the vocal cord. The hiccups can affect newborn babies and adults both. The fascinating thing about babies is that they can sleep without getting disturbed by hiccups. 

However, they only feel irritated with hiccups when they can’t breathe properly. So in that situation, parents tried to find the answer to “How to get rid of baby’s hiccups”?

If you see your baby is getting uncomfortable with hiccups, here are some of the valuable tips: 

  1. Let Hiccups Stops By Own


Newborn babies generally hiccup. Most baby’s hiccups stop on their own. You don’t need to put extra effort to stop them if they aren’t bothering your baby. Let the hiccup stop on your own, and do not take any action. If hiccups don’t stop, then consult the doctor. They’ll offer better treatment to get rid of the hiccups. 

  1. Pause Feeding and Burp


Constant feeding can also result in hiccups. So, it would be good if you pause feeding and burp your newborn baby. Burping is helpful to get rid of the hiccups. In addition, this helps to eliminate gas from the stomach, which can cause hiccups. 

Make sure to keep your baby upright when you make them burp. Periodically burping your baby between feeds can help to calm your baby and stop the baby’s burp. If you’re feeding with a bottle, burp your baby promptly. 

  1. Give Gripe Water to Babies 


If your baby feels uncomfortable with hiccups, then try Gripe water. This is a combination of water and herbs that helps to ease intestinal discomfort. In addition to this, you can also include herbs like fennel, ginger, cinnamon, and chamomile in the water. It helps to get rid of the hiccups of newborn babies. 

  1. Try a Pacifier 


Hiccups aren’t started with feeding only; sometimes, they may start due to gas formation in the stomach and diaphragm contraction. In that situation, you can try a pacifier. When babies have a pacifier, it helps to stop the hiccups by relaxing the diaphragm. 

Other Preventive Methods 


  • Try to keep your babies calm while feeding them. 

  • Avoid any heavy activities such as bouncing and playing activities immediately after feeding. 

  • If your baby is 1-year-old, try to keep them in an upright position for at least 20 minutes after giving a meal. 

  • Do not give any home remedies without consulting with your doctor. Some food and herbs may be allergic to the babies. So be sure to take the doctor’s advice before giving any remedy. 


Key Takeaway 

The exact cause of hiccups in the newborn is not clear yet. However, some perceptions are there, such as hiccups are good for growth. Hiccups are common as long as your baby is not feeling disturbed. If you notice frequent hiccups with vomiting, do consult your pediatrician. Click here to learn in detail about baby sounds and what they might mean.