Newborn Baby Carriers: Different Styles And Features You Need To Know About 

newborn baby carriers

Navigating newborn essentials can be difficult, especially if you’re a first-time parent. Picking the best baby carrier is one of the first decisions you’ll need to make. Once your little one has arrived, you’ll need to decide the most practical, safe, and comfortable way to carry them. Because, whether you’re popping to the shops or meeting with friends, your newborn will accompany you on every adventure. 

Why do I need a baby carrier? 

A baby carrier is a safe, secure, and beneficial way to travel with your baby. Instead of lugging a large buggy or seat around for your newborn, you can keep them close in a baby carrier. Whether you opt for a wrap, sling, or soft structure, the proximity of your baby is a great opportunity for closeness and bonding with your little one. 

Benefits of a baby carrier 

Although you might not consider a baby carrier as one of your newborn essentials, there are numerous benefits to having at least one type of baby carrier. These benefits include: 

  • Enables easy communication with your baby 
  • Aids physical development through replicating the positioning of the womb 
  • Gives you use of your hands and arms 
  • Contributes to the production of oxytocin (the love hormone) 

Choose the right style for you 

Will it be just you using your baby carrier? If you’re sharing your newborn wrap sling or structured carrier with a partner, make sure you discuss which method suits you both best. 

Baby wraps 

Baby wraps are a soft fabric that ties around you and your baby’s body, securing them close to you. Wrap around baby carriers create a swaddle-like sensation that mimics the womb. Most people consider wrap slings to be the best baby carrier for newborns because of their closeness and ease of use.  

 Soft structured carrier 

Soft structured carriers are made out of smooth fabrics but have a structured seat for your baby. Most parents use these for older babies, but you can find baby carriers on the market suitable for newborns. Although not as close, these designs are simple to use and allow your baby a view of the world around them. 

Ring slings 

The ring sling is slightly more structured than the baby wrap. It has two rings on the shoulder that create a pouch for your baby to rest in. Although the ring sling also facilitates closeness, it puts a lot of pressure on the shoulder of the carrier. Be aware of how shoulder-heavy this method of carrying is, especially as your baby grows. You might find it ideal for the short term but uncomfortable as your baby enters infancy. 

Baby backpack 

Baby backpacks are carriers designed to wear on your back with your baby’s head peeking out the top. These style carriers have a hard-wire frame with soft cushions and padding inside. These sturdy carriers are not suitable for newborns but are a hugely popular choice for older babies. 

Consider the features you need 

Wrap slings are thought to be the best baby slings for newborns. However, it’s up to you which baby carrier you go for. Before making your choice, consider the features you require. 

  • Do you need a carrier that you can wear in multiple ways? If so, a wrap is probably better than a ring sling.  
  • Is being close to your newborn your priority? A wrap or ring sling ensures your baby remains close to you, whereas a structured sling provides slightly more distance.  
  • Are you looking for a baby carrier you can continue using after the newborn stage and as your baby develops into infancy? A wrap or sling will be too tight for a larger baby. However, a baby backpack isn’t suitable for a newborn. Investing in an adjustable soft structured carrier will be the best option for use as your baby grows. 

Can I try out my baby carrier before I buy it? 

The world of online shopping can be tempting. But this is one newborn baby essential we recommend you try out first. Visit your local baby store and test a few different baby wraps, ring slings, and soft structured carriers. See which feels most comfortable and enjoyable for you and your partner. If your friends are using baby carriers, ask what they’re finding best and if you can test it out. Once you’ve made your decision, you can purchase in-store or online. But remember, once your newborn is here, you might feel differently and want to try out an alternative baby carrier to the one you’ve got. Be open to testing several methods of traveling with your baby until you find the perfect match for you!