How To Pick A Unique Name For Your Newborn

newborn baby names


We’ve all thought about baby names at one stage of our lives. We might be reading a good book with a character we love or overhear a beautiful name in a coffee shop. And we might even note this name down for a later date. But when it comes to naming your newborn, the pressure can be overwhelming. We only get one opportunity to make the right decision. And we want to ensure we pick the correct name for the person our baby boy or baby girl will become.

Picking a unique name

Like all things in life, some baby names are more popular than others. We might have a selection of potential cute baby boy names and cute baby girl names, but your friend who’s also expecting has an almost identical list.


The key to finding the perfect baby name is striking a balance between unique and conventional. We don’t want our future child to sit in a classroom with three other pupils who have the same name. But we also want to pick a flattering name that won’t be mispronounced their whole life.


If you’re searching for a unique baby name, we recommend not picking one of the most popular girl and body baby names in 2021. Instead, we suggest taking inspiration from this list and deciding upon a cute baby name that’s current but not overused.

Most popular Girl baby names 2021

There’s a reason these girl baby names were the most popular in 2021. These cute baby girl names are trendy yet timeless and perfect for a new generation. If you like one of these names, why not consider something similar with the same origins?


1. Emma

2. Amelia

3. Olivia

4. Ava

5. Lily

6. Scarlett

7. Aurora

8. Chloe

9. Sophia

10. Isabella

11. Charlotte

12. Mia

13. Harper

14. Luna

15. Oreos

16. Evelyn

17. Ella

18. Ellie

19. Layla

20. Mula

Most popular boy baby names 2021

If you’re expecting a boy, these cute baby boy names from 2021 might give you some naming inspiration.

1. Logan

2. Eden

3. Grayson

4. Jackson

5. Henry

6. Sebastian

7. Daniel

8. William

9. Alexandra

10. Wyatt

11. Benjamin

12. Jack

13. Leo

14. Ethan

15. Matteo

16. Noah

17. Elijah

18. Oliver

19. Liam

20. Levi

Where to find unique baby names

If you decide to pick one of the names above for your newborn, they’ll likely encounter many people with the same name during their lifetime. By avoiding these baby names and thinking of a unique name, you can give your little one a special and distinctive title that reflects them.


An easy way to discover potential baby names is online in lists such as these. However, if you’re searching for a unique baby name, you might need to get a little more creative. Here are our top recommendations for finding less widespread baby names.

1. Search in old baby naming books.

Recently published naming books will be filled with the current most popular baby names. However, if you read a book from a few years ago, you’re more likely to find names other people haven’t considered.

2. Consider names in television shows, films, and literature

You never know where you might discover your newborn’s name. We encounter names in every area of our lives. And works of fiction often utilize unique and attention-grabbing titles. Next time you’re reading a book, or watching a film or television show, try to pay attention to the characters’ names and see if any of them resonate.

3. Discuss potential names with family and friends

Although there is an unwritten rule of not sharing your baby name before your newborn arrives, discussing potential baby names with those closest to you can be a fun and informative activity. Talk to your mum about names she considered for you. Or discuss with your siblings the names they liked but didn’t end up choosing. If you’re nervous about sharing baby names, you can ask for advice while still keeping your potential names a secret.

4. Pick a family name

Naming your newborn after someone in your family can make their name feel even more meaningful. Pick the first name of a relative or decide upon a middle name several people in your family have. Your baby will have a name rich in history and legacy. Plus, the person you’re naming them after will feel honored you’ve chosen to call this special new addition to the family after them.


Many new parents don’t select a baby name until their little one arrives. Getting to see their face and if your potential name suits them is the best way to guarantee you’ve made the right choice. However, having names in mind for your baby boy or girl can make the naming process easier. Try to come up with a handful of names with your partner during the pregnancy. This way, your baby doesn’t have to wait weeks while you scan baby books and go back and forth. Instead, they can enter the world with a name and identity that’s the perfect match.