10 of the best baby shower ideas

baby shower deas

A baby shower is one of the most exciting events in your pregnancy journey. It’s an opportunity to stop fretting over your swollen feet and aching back and celebrate this momentous, life-changing event.

The baby shower isn’t all about the Target baby registry, although this is evidently an important part! Gifts aside, this is a wonderful opportunity to have your loved ones bond over your baby before they enter the world.

Whether you’re planning your baby shower yourself, or you have your suspicions about a surprise shower, and you want to drop some hints, we have the ultimate list of the best baby shower ideas for you. From decoration ideas to fun and games, here’s how to have the perfect baby shower.

Onesie decorating station

A onesie decorating station is not only a great way to entertain your guests, but it also leaves you with a selection of cute and ready-to-wear outfits when your little one arrives.

Set up a station at your baby shower dedicated to onesie decorating. When the time comes, direct your guests to their seats and let them unleash their creativity. Depending on how crafty you are, there are numerous ways you can decorate your onesies. Fabric pens are the easiest and least messy option. However, if you’re aiming for something a little more extravagant, you can use fabric paint, felt and hot glue, or iron-on transfers. Head down to your local craft store and see what decorating options would best suit you and your guests.

We recommend having a selection of different-sized onesies. This way, your babe can keep wearing their special, customized outfits after the newborn stage.

Guess the date and weight

Have your family and friends guess the weight and date of your newborn. Tuck their answers away, and when your baby arrives, you can see who got it right. If you don’t know the gender of your little one, you can have them guess this too.

Pick a fun theme

A good theme makes a party, and your baby shower is no exception. Traditionally, people opt for blue or pink depending on the gender of their baby. However, there are much more fun and adventurous themes. Here are a few of the most popular modern baby shower themes:

  • Ready to hatch. This theme is especially good if your baby shower is around Easter!
  • Enchanted garden. If your baby shower is in summer, why not transform your outdoor space into a magical enchanted garden?
  • Seasonal. Match your baby shower to the season you’re in or the season of your due date.
  • Animal themes are fun and gender-neutral way to decorate
  • Minimalist. If you’re a fan of neutrals and classy decor, a minimalist theme is perfect.

And don’t forget to make your baby shower invitations match the theme!

Baby themed cupcakes

Good food is one of the best things about having a baby shower, besides the Target baby registry full of gifts, of course. Cutely decorated and deliciously sweet cupcakes are ideal for a baby shower. Pick your favorite flavor and choose a design that matches your theme. Your guests won’t be able to resist indulging in a pile of eloquently decorated tasty cupcakes. We recommend telling people they’ll be food on arrival in your baby shower invitation, so you can all make the most out of the exquisite treats!

Test your baby knowledge with the Detective Game

Put your detective hat on and try your best to recognize different baby-related audio. Babies have their language, and when you become a parent, it’s up to you to identify what their different sounds mean. The Detective Game equips you with all the knowledge you need to learn your baby’s language. As you progress through the rounds, the different sounds and cues will become harder. Team up with your guests or play against one another to see who is the best detective of the group. Click here to test your baby’s audio knowledge.

Create a diaper cake

The one thing all new moms need is diapers. A diaper cake might not sound appealing, but it can be incredibly beautiful centerpieces. This is a great gift to ask for if someone doesn’t want to buy from your Target registry!

Cookie decorating station

Let your family and friends decorate their sweet treats. Using baby-shaped cookies, set up a decorating station with icing, sprinkles, and other indulgent decorations. You can add an element of competition by judging whose cookies look the best or simply enjoy tasting your buttery baby-shaped delights.

Guess the guest as a baby

Have your guests send you a picture of them as a baby along with their baby shower invitation RSVP. Print these photographs off and line them up, ready for your guests to decide who is who. You can have your guests guess as a quiz game or simply pin the pictures up for them to enjoy.

Blindfolded diaper challenge

Using baby dolls, have your guests try to change their diapers whilst blindfolded. Make things more exciting and have two guests go up against each other to see who can change the quickest. It’s up to the rest of the guests to decide who does the best job.

Photo wall or Polaroid station

Your baby shower is something you never want to forget. However, amidst the present unwrapping and cupcake eating, you might forget to snap some photographs of your special day. With a Polaroid wall or photography station, you don’t have to worry about being the photographer. Instead, your guests can take their pictures.

Add props and a frame to make this even more fun. And when the day is over, you have a ready and waiting photo album full of joyful pictures.

Whether your baby shower is set to be a day of fun-packed games, a few hours unwrapping gifts with friends, or a casual social event, you want to ensure it’s a memorable occasion. These ten ideas will help you make the most out of what might be a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Pick your theme, get the Polaroid ready and spend a few hours celebrating the new baby you’re about to bring into the world.