Why you need a pregnancy pillow

pregnency pillow

Pregnancy is a physically and emotionally exhausting time. Getting plenty of rest is essential for a comfortable pregnancy and a happy baby. However, as your body changes and grows to accommodate your developing fetus, you might struggle to relax. A pregnancy pillow is the best way to support your body and get the rest you need. Here are a few reasons why we recommend getting a pregnancy pillow as soon as possible.

To help you sleep better

Newborn Healthcare professionals recommend women sleep on their side while pregnant. Sleeping on your back can disrupt blood flow, limiting the supply to your little one. Although sleeping on your side is the safest option, it might not feel like the most comfortable one. A pregnancy pillow can help support your body as you lay on your side, making you feel more comfortable and improving the quality of your sleep. At a time when your body isn’t able to support itself, a soft pregnancy pillow contours it, reducing strain and relieving pressure.

For a comfortable postpartum

After giving birth, your body must adjust again. As you recover, you’ll continue to feel physical pain which can take its toll on your body and mind. Resting and relaxing are crucial for successful postpartum recovery.

Trying to get to sleep with a newborn is difficult enough, and the added burden of your aching body can be immensely frustrating. During this time, your body still needs support. Continuing to use your pregnancy pillow will help you rest better and recover quicker.

As a way to get comfortable with your newborn

Another advantage of the pregnancy pillow is that it can help support you and your newborn as you relax or feed. The soft plush material of the pregnancy pillow helps you mold into a comfortable and supported position and stay there. Many women find nursing with a pregnancy pillow much easier. And some women become so accustomed to their pillows they continue to use them for comfort!

Types of pregnancy pillow

There are three types of pregnancy pillows: wedge, U-shaped, and C-shaped.

Wedge- The wedge pillow is the smallest of all three and is designed to help support targeted areas. If you have a particularly painful part of the body, the wedge pillow can help alleviate this.

U-shaped-Helps to support every area of the body.

C-shaped- Supports the back and belly and keeps the body aligned.

The pregnancy pillow you choose is up to you and what you feel would best support your changing body and growing bump. Evaluate how you’re sleeping and what could help improve this experience when deciding which pregnancy pillow to get.