10 Personalized Newborn Baby Gift Ideas 

newborn baby gift ideas

We all want to treat the new or expecting parents in our lives. Such a momentous occasion calls for celebration. And what’s a better way to celebrate than with gifts for the new baby? 

 Although we send our gifts with good intentions, it’s not uncommon for new parents to receive duplicate or even unnecessary baby gifts. To help you pick out the perfect present for the newborn in your life, we’re sharing our top picks for personalized baby gifts. 

 These presents are sure to be adored by the little one and appreciated by their parents too. 

Why do we give newborn gifts? 

Apart from the fact that newborn items are nothing short of adorable, it’s nice to show those in your life you’re excited about their new chapter. Having a baby brings about a lot of changes. And although this is an exciting time, it can also feel daunting. Giving a gift to a family member or friend who recently had a baby is a way to show your support during these changing times.  

In addition to this, giving gifts to new parents makes their lives easier. Give them something every new parent needs and they’re guaranteed to appreciate you and your present. 

 It’s important to remember a newborn gift isn’t just for the parents. Giving a gift is a beautiful way to begin a relationship with the new baby. Although they might not know it yet, this small present as a token of your love and will symbolize the bond you have for years to come. When they look back on this item, they’ll be reminded of you and the love you’ve always had for them. 

Why choose a personalized present 

When we consider the items, we can purchase for parents and newborns, the options are endless. We can get a gift from the local supermarket, an elegant boutique or search online for something unique. Baby gifts are available in numerous locations. And it’s likely the new parents in your life have received several gifts from popular, local shopping outlets.  

 The biggest struggle when it comes to buying baby gifts is finding something the recipients haven’t already received. Personalized gifts for babies are the best way to give the one-of-a-kind present you’re looking for. 

 Not only does giving a personalized gift guarantee you’re giving something they haven’t already received, but it’s a more meaningful present too. Personalized baby gifts convey the intensity of your love for the new baby. Rather than picking up a generic present from a store, you can add a personal touch, manifesting your feelings and emotions into your gift.  

10 personalized baby gifts 

  • Hooded baby towel  

 Make bath time even more adorable with a personalized hooded baby towel with ears

There’s one thing cuter than a newborn baby, and that’s a newborn baby dressed up as a fuzzy animal. With this hooded baby towel, you can help the newborn feel cozy and dry after bath time and give a present that will warm the heart of every parent. 

  • Plate, spoon, and bowl 

Although we’re looking at personalized gifts for newborn babies, it can also be helpful to give practical presents for the future. It might be tempting to purchase adorable newborn baby clothes, but new parents will appreciate purposeful gifts more than an overflowing baby wardrobe. 

 Eventually, the newborn baby will move onto solid food. And whether you have children of your own or not, it’s no secret that mealtime with a baby isn’t easy. However, having good quality crockery can make weaning easier. This bamboo plate, spoon, and bowel use suction technology to stay in place and have color and name customization options. Not only will this make the parent’s life easier, but the personalized set will last as a reminder of the baby’s growth and development. 

  • Stuffed toy 

Stuffed toys are one of the most popular baby gifts and the first thing family and friends rush out to buy. And we can’t blame you; there’s nothing more adorable than a stuffed rabbit or friendly soft teddy bear. However, purchasing a stuffed teddy as a newborn baby gift means you risk your present blending into the background. Lost in a sea of lions, tigers, and bears, new parents will quickly forget which friend or family member purchased which stuffed toy.  

 One way to ensure your stuffed toy remains memorable is to customize it. Pick a unique color, add a quote or stitch their name onto the toy to remind them who gave it to them and how special it is.  

  • Name plaque 

If you’re searching for a sentimental gift, a name plaque could be the perfect personalized baby gift. Buying newborn baby clothes or other practical items is a kind idea. However, giving these items almost always requires corresponding with the parents. You need to establish what they already have, sizing, and if there’s a chance someone might give the same gift. In comparison, a custom name plaque is a long-lasting, sentimental, and one-of-a-kind gift.  

  • Sleepsuit 

Newborn baby clothes are undeniably adorable. And there is nothing cuter than a tiny baby sleepsuit. Whether you’re purchasing this item for practicality or indulging in the delightful nature of newborn baby clothes, sleepsuits are always an exciting gift to give. One way to make your sleepsuit even more special and memorable is to add a personal touch. Whether you’re unleashing the budding baby clothes designer nestled within you or simply adding an embroidered name, personalization always makes your gift stand out and be that bit extra special. 

  • Storybook 

A personalized storybook is a fun and interactive gift that newborn babies will be able to appreciate as they grow. Books are great presents as many expecting and new parents enjoy reading to their newborn babies 

 As they develop, children uncover the wonders of their imagination and will appreciate the joys of a personalized adventure book. Pick a story you love and have it personalized to include the baby’s name or nickname. 

  • Baby blanket 

For newborn babies, blankets are more than just a way to stay cozy and warm. Although baby blankets are brilliant at regulating body temperature, it’s scientifically proven that a baby blanket provides comfort and reassurance. These emotions result in many people feeling connected to their baby blanket post-childhood. 


If you’re purchasing a baby blanket, it’s more than likely this gift is going to be a keepsake that’s around for much of the newborn’s life. Make your gift even more special by adding name embroidery and personalizing colors and patterns.  

  • Ornament 

One way to make your gift stand out is to tailor it to the season. If the newborn arrives around the holidays, you can mark the occasion with a Christmas ornament. Christmas decorations have great personalization potential; add a quote, pick a festive illustration and even match the color to the recipient’s decorative theme. Every year when they position this keepsake on the tree, they’ll be reminded of the loving bond you have with the baby. 

  • Dressing gown 

Expecting parents are usually inundated with newborn baby clothes. Whether they’re gifts, hand-me-downs, or items they’ve purchased themselves, they likely have all the clothes they need before their baby is even born. To eliminate the risk of giving duplicate or unnecessary items, you can opt for something similar but less popular, such as a dressing gown. Not only are dressing gowns a practical present, but they’re super cute too. Pick a color and get their name embroidered on the front to make bath and bedtime even more adorable for the new parents. 

  • Memory box 

The birth of a new baby is the first of many celebrations surrounding this new life. Soon it will be the baby’s first Christmas, birthday, and several other celebratory occasions. Parents and loved ones want to remember these special events, and a memory box is a brilliant way to keep mementos from these times safe. Not only will parents appreciate the sentiment, but it’s also a gift for the baby to look back on, enjoy, and add to as they grow. Add personalized writing and images to make the memory box even more special. 


Giving gifts for a new baby is a beautiful way to share your excitement and show your love. Personalized gifts for babies add even more sentiment to your newborn present. Choose from an array of customizable baby gifts and add a personal touch for the little one.