Newborn Sleeping Patterns: Everything You Need To Know About Newborn Sleep

Newborn Sleeping Patterns

Sleep is crucial to your newborn’s health and development. Just like adults, the newborn body does essential growing while asleep. But, navigating newborn sleep can be difficult for new parents. There are several differences between adult and newborn sleeping patterns. And being aware of the ins and outs of newborn sleep will make you better equipped for those long nights and short naps.

What to expect from your newborn sleeping pattern

Just like us, newborn sleeping patterns will vary from baby to baby. And your newborn’s first-week sleeping pattern might be very different a few weeks later. Newborn sleeping patterns are unpredictable. If you’re already a parent, don’t expect your new baby’s sleeping pattern to match your older children. Instead, take time to focus and familiarize yourself with your new baby’s sleeping habits.


Newborns can sleep from eight to sixteen hours in one twenty-four-hour period! However, your new baby will only sleep for around three hours at a time. Your little one might wake for feeding or due to external factors such as temperature or noise. During your newborn’s first week, expect irregular periods of rest with multiple disturbances.

How much sleep does my newborn baby need?

Just as sleeping patterns vary between babies, the amount of sleep your newborn requires differs. Some newborns need lots of sleep, while others might require noticeably less. If you’re concerned about the amount of sleep your newborn is getting during their first week’s sleeping pattern, speak with your doctor.

When do babies start sleeping through the night?

There isn’t one simple milestone for when your baby starts sleeping through the night. On average, most babies will begin sleeping through the night around six months, but it could be sooner or later than this for your baby. Creating and maintaining a bedtime routine and limiting nap time are two things you can do to encourage your baby to sleep longer. We recommend developing this routine in your baby’s first week. Even though they won’t sleep through the night at this stage, it can benefit you as they grow and their sleeping pattern changes.


Make sure you have realistic expectations regarding your newborn sleeping pattern. Rather than researching “when do babies start sleeping through the night?”, spend time educating yourself on newborn sleep and how you can assist your child in getting all the rest they need.

How do I know when my newborn is ready for bed?

Although your newborn’s sleeping pattern might feel out of your control, there are ways to understand their sleep requirements. The following activity could be an indication your newborn is ready for bed:

● Yawning

● Clenching their fists

● Touching their ears

● Fluttering eyelids

● Quick limb movements

● Sucking their fingers


As your baby grows, you’ll be able to identify how they’re feeling through how they act.

How can I implement a successful bedtime routine for my newborn?

The key to eventually getting your baby to sleep through the night is your bedtime routine. Doing the same set of actions in the lead up to bedtime will signal to your baby that it’s time for bed. A popular newborn bedtime routine is:


● Bath and fresh nappy and clothes

● Reading a bedtime story

● Having dim lights or a lamp on

● Listening to a lullaby as they drift to sleep


You or your partner should engage in this bedtime routine every night from the birth of your baby. A bedtime routine is a chance to bond with your baby and make them feel comforted through the familiar actions.

Further help and guidance relating to newborn sleep

In this blog post, we’re covered the must-knows when it comes to newborn sleep. But, as with every element of newborn care, there’s always more to discover and learn. Parenthood is a never-ending educational journey. It’s one of the things that makes it so magical! If you’re interested in learning more about newborn sleep, so you can best assist your baby in this important element of their life, the New Baby N You community can help.


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