What are Perfect Breastfeeding Positions for Infants?

Breastfeeding is necessary for infants. There are various positions used at the time of their feed. According to their parents, every position is perfect. It depends on their mother. What type of position do they prefer for breastfeeding? It is crucial to use a comfortable position.


It is necessary to know about the various breastfeeding positions. These positions help with infant hiccups. Parents want to know the answer to how to get rid of hiccups. The right breastfeeding position reduces reflux. When there is less reflux, there are fewer chances of infant hiccups. All these activities are interrelated.


Different Breastfeeding Positions


It is also good to change positions at the time of feeding. Here we discuss various positions so that you can easily feed your newborn. It is also necessary to collect all the things you need during breastfeeding. When you are breastfeeding the baby, gather your favorite things, such as mobiles, books, snacks, TV remotes, and many more. It is imperative because there is no need to disturb the baby during feeding. It also makes the baby comfortable, and its head, spine, and neck are not twisted.


Laid-back breastfeeding 


Most of the time, mums try laid-back breastfeeding positions. We also know it as biological child nurturing. You place your newborn baby on your chest or stomach as soon as he is born. The baby comes towards your breasts and tries to latch on. We know this attempt as breast crawling. 


Its skin-to-skin contact encourages his feeding senses while pressure allows him to latch on well and keeps him in place. This position is useful when the baby feels it is difficult to latch into other positions. You can also get support from cushions or pillows and make the baby comfortable.


Cradle hold


It is a classic position. Most mums use this position for breastfeeding. There is a need to sit upright, and we positioned the baby on his side. A tummy-to-mummy position, with his head and neck lying along your forearm. It is a popular position, but there is a need for support from cushions or pillows. We place breastfeeding pillows behind you and across your lap to strengthen your baby or your arms. It provides more support and reduces strain on the back or shoulders.


Cross-cradle hold


The arms switch positions so that your baby lies along your opposite forearm, similar to the cradle hold. The primary aim of this position is to support the baby around the neck and shoulders. It allows the baby to tilt its head before launch. It is a perfect position for newborn breastfeeding. You can also burp your baby easily with this method.


Rugby ball hold


We also know this position as the underarm or clutch. With his feet pointing towards the back of your chair, he folds his body alongside your side. It is a good early nursing position that easily supports your baby. A baby also feels safe in this position. Mothers who have twins, premature babies, c-sections, and large breasts prefer to use this position.


Side-lying Position


It is suitable for side-lying night feeds and breastfeeding in bed or on the sofa. The mother feels more comfortable than sitting when there is a cesarean or stitches. When there are infant hiccups, it becomes easier with this position.


Laid-back breastfeeding after a c-section


This breastfeeding position is ideal for mothers who have a cesarean delivery. When you recline with your baby’s body across your shoulder. As a mother, nurse the baby comfortably with no weight or pressure on your wound.


Upright breastfeeding, or koala hold


While feeding, your baby sits straddling your thigh or your hip, with his spine and head upright. As long as you give the baby enough support, you can hold it with a newborn. It is the best and most comfortable way to feed a baby. When your baby suffers from reflux or ear infections, it is most comfortable to breastfeed upright or in the koala hold. It is also beneficial for infants with low muscle tone or tongue ties. Many times, reflux is also a reason for newborn hiccups. Parents want to know how to get rid of newborn hiccups. It becomes easy to avoid reflux with this breastfeeding position.


Dangle feeding


In this breastfeeding position, you bend over your baby on all fours while swinging your nipple over the mouth of the baby. Some mothers do this for a short time. It is also good in conditions such as mastitis. You’re sitting, kneeling over your baby on a bed or sofa, or almost lying down. Mum also takes support from cushions and pillows, so there are fewer chances of strain on their backs or shoulders. It is not a breastfeeding position that is used every day. You can mix it with other methods.


Nursing in a sling


There is a need for a little practice. You are out and about, caring for older children or doing light chores. You can conveniently breastfeed your baby in a sling. This position works well when you are an expert in breastfeeding. It becomes easy to use various ring slings, front carriers, and stretchy wraps. There is a need to check that you can see the baby’s face. The baby’s chin is not pressed against the chest. While out and about, watching older children, or doing light chores, breastfeeding your baby in a sling is convenient.


Double rugby ball hold


We also know it as the double-clutch position. This breastfeeding position is best for twins. They can feed a team with their hands free. In the early days of breastfeeding, twin breastfeeding pillows are necessary. It gives special support to both babies. It also reduces pressure on the belly. A mother who delivers a baby via c-section also gets help from this position.


Sum Up


The ideal breastfeeding position relaxes both the baby and mother. It is necessary to use a comfortable position at the time of breastfeeding. Many times, there is a need to burp your baby. It is necessary to take care of the other activities of the baby. Many times, there are infant hiccups. The proper position for breastfeeding helps reduce episodes of hiccups.


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