What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

Your due date is just around the corner. And suddenly, things start to feel very serious. It’s time to start thinking about your maternity bag. Your maternity, or hospital bag, includes everything you need to give birth comfortably and bring your little one home safely. Packing your bag during a period of heightened stress and anxiety can lead to you over packing, missing important items, and feeling frustrated by the process. Organizing your maternity bag should be exciting; it signifies the end of this journey and the beginning of the next! To help you appreciate this momentous occasion and pack everything you need, we’re guiding you through packing your hospital bag.

What you need to pack in your hospital bag

Your packing list

Don’t overcomplicate your packing list. You’ll need your daily essentials, things to keep you entertained (you don’t know how long you’ll be waiting around!), and items to ensure you can attend to your baby’s needs. Below is an outline of the things you’ll likely want and need to pack in your maternity bag.

● Birth plan

● Comfortable clothes (&3-4 changes of clothes)

● Nursing bras

● Breast pads

● Maternity pads

● 5 pairs of underwear

● Wash bag with your toiletries

● A pillow and blanket

● A book or magazine

● Loose-fitting nighties for breastfeeding, dressing gown, and pajamas

● Medication you’re taking

● Snacks

Baby’s packing list

It’s finally time to decide which adorable outfit your baby will travel home in. Make sure you pack appropriate clothing and anything else your baby requires for their first few days and trip home.

● Bodysuit

● Diapers & wipes

● Muslin squares or bibs

● Car seat

● Booties

● Blanket

● Sleep suit/baby sleeping bag

● Going home outfit


When deciding the clothing your baby will wear home, consider the weather conditions and temperature. As your newborn can’t regulate their body temperature yet, they require you to dress them accordingly. If it’s winter, you might decide to pack a hat, mittens, and a scarf. However, a bodysuit and light cardigan might be warm enough for summer.

When you need to pack your maternity bag

We’ve established what you need to pack in your maternity bag. Now we can decide when it’s the right time to start packing.


There’s no right or wrong time to pack your maternity bag. However, there are a few elements of your pregnancy journey and lifestyle you need to consider before you begin. Firstly, will you require any of these items in the remaining weeks leading up to birth? For example, it’s likely you’ll need your toiletries over the next few weeks and won’t be able to pack all of them until you leave for the hospital. However, you’re not going to need your nursing bra or baby outfit until the baby is born. We recommend writing out the list shared in this blog post and ticking off the items already in your bag. Leave those you require daily unchecked, reminding you to pack them as your due date approaches.

Although preparing early is always good. We don’t recommend packing your hospital bag the moment you find out you’re pregnant. Having your stuff ready and waiting can be a painful presence if an unfortunate circumstance occurs during your pregnancy.


Make sure your hospital bag is packed at least two days before your due date. We recommend packing a month in advance just in case your newborn decides to make an early appearance!

How to prepare if you’re having a home birth

Even those planning on a home birth need to prepare a hospital bag with the items outlined above. While home births have a great success rate, you might end up having to go to the hospital to ensure the safety of you or your baby.


At home, you’ll need clean bedsheets, sanitary pads, and towels for during and post-birth. Discuss with your birth partner if there’s anything you’re likely to want or need during the birth or the hours following.


Keep your maternity bag by the door, so you can quickly grab it should you need to go to the hospital.

Other things to consider pre-birth (transportation)

You need to know how you’re getting to the hospital when you go into labor. Remember, your newborn doesn’t respect working hours and could make an appearance any time of day or night. If your partner is driving you to the ward, make sure you regularly check the car and ensure it has enough gas.


If you have other transportation arrangements, regularly check these are still going ahead, and organize back-ups to minimize stress about reaching your destination when your little one is on their way.


Take your time packing your maternity bag. Decide which outfit you want to see your sleeping newborn snuggled in. And make sure you’ve got everything you need for a smooth transition into motherhood. Prepare in advance and make regular checks to guarantee everything is in order. Before you know it, your new baby will be on its way, and you’ll be heading to the hospital. If you want to learn more about newborn baby health care then visit our website and watch very interesting and helpful videos.